Friday, March 21, 2014

"Brain Washing"

     I've heard anti-Mormons occasionally say that most Mormons aren't thinking for themselves because they have been raised to accept certain things as true from birth. 
     This argument against Mormonism is not coherent to me. I have been raised LDS my entire life, but I've also been taught my whole life that atoms exist. Growing up, I viewed the whole physical world in terms of that “doctrine” of atoms. 
     Does my belief in atoms mean that I can't look at the facts surrounding them objectively? No, of course not. And if someone came up with some anti-atom propaganda, most people simply would not have time to read it, just as most Mormons are busy living their lives and don't have the necessary time or knowledge to concern themselves with every minute argument someone raises as supposed proof against the church. The fact that they don't want to argue does not indicate in any sense that they are brain-washed.

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