Friday, March 21, 2014

Nephi Killing Laban

     Some have voiced concern over the manner in which Nephi killed Laban in the Book of Mormon. Laban was drunken and unconscious. The concern seems to be that the idea of killing someone who is unconscious, even if that man would be a threat when awake, somehow seems like something God would not approve of.

     However, Goliath was unconscious, the same as Laban, when David smote off his head. In that unconscious state, Goliath was a threat to no one. He was laying on the ground, defenseless. Clearly, however, God assisted David in slaying Goliath. God delivered Goliath into David's hands, just as God delivered Laban into Nephi's hands. Nephi's actions are entirely consistent with David's actions and the will of God.


  1. Hi Ryan, I really enjoy your site, I just discovered it recently and I enjoy some of the topics you cover. Your connection between Laban and Goliath is insightful, and I'd like to share just exactly how deep those connections go and how they apply today.

    I also wrote a piece detailing why Nephi was justified in slaying Laban, due to the fact that Laban committed three acts that would have earned him the death penalty under the law at the time:

    1. Hi Steve! Thank you so much. I'm glad you read the blog, and I look forward to reading your ideas!